We are at Vietnam Scandinavia Group have made decision for some regulations for you who are our Member.

Rights and Responsibilities of Member:

  1. Have responsibility to provide us your correct information: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address…as your registration with government. Your info: name and picture are announced on our website and social network.
  2. Have right to join all online or offline meeting, discussion, programs, plans and projects…and are free to give your suggestion as well as point of view in order to make our plan and projects be done well.
  3. Have right for writing and publicizing about VSCG on social media network but it must be checked and approved my management board, strictly followed with terms and conditions of public social media pages and regulations of VSCG. Membership will be terminated if it happened many times.
  4. Be active with our organization and join all activities. Your membership will be ended if you are not active with us within 6 months.
  5. Have right to introduce and expand the organization
  6. Have to share works together with other in organization
  7. Have responsibility to find more donator and members as well as make survey for projects or place we are in charge of.
  8. Have good team working

Any conflict or disagree between members and management board, we will organize meeting for discussion and solve the problem.