Vietnam-Scandinavia Charity Group is a Swedish, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization (Registration Number 802493-1803 dated 6 February, 2015 by Swedish Tax Agency).


To help poor and sick people in Vietnam especially focus on homeless and orphaned children.



All lives can have food, home and chances to going to school, heath care support

A strong community where all members, partners and donators are respected and supported to have equal access to opportunities.

We aim to be:

  • Swedish not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), working across all sectors, who are looking for financial and ┬áhuman resources to improve our work;

  • And International non-governmental organizations, who are looking for local partners in Vietnam and other countries to support people as stated in our mission


Our values include:

  • All lives have equal value, food, home and chances to going to school, getting support for ┬ásickness treating

  • All people deserve equal access to opportunities

  • Maintains trust and respect between partners, members and donators