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Here’s a story how to write a term paper or essay, if you have little time. First, find material on the Internet, fortunately, today, on any topic material, as a rule, abound. Then all these disparate publications, from very scientific to the unscientific popular, can be inserted into the newly created text document, the name of which will embody your work.

When I started to write a diploma, it did, and I immediately got about a hundred pages of raw text of the thesis. Wow, already almost done! Only it is necessary now to restore order, as the fragments of the publications are not linked. I start with place to place to move: this note here, it is about the same, only in other words, but this higher supply, and this smart text to the beginning slide.

In the course of such a cube, which is not rubick, but it seems that performs several important things. First you destroy harmful pieces of text (notes of the author, unnecessary links, headings, page numbering and other uselessness). Secondly, in the course of your combinations inevitably matured the plan of this grandiose work. Fragments gain some meaningful relatedness, are formed in blocks: this issue is addressed in many words, this smaller, but this is better not to consider. Some recommend starting to build a degree or course with a writing plan, but I think it’s a waste of time: the plan will emerge by itself during the manipulation of existing material, this is largely taken care of by your subconscious. Moreover, quite obvious: you will find material on a particular aspect that must be disclosed in your work, or not find. Here I am, having my disk space was sure to write about the truth serum would be easy, but when it came to working with the material… But more on that later. See for yourself.

In the process of this work, that is, when the material dumped into a single text a lot, gradually structured and classified, you have matured a plan which it is desirable to record immediately, do not postpone. This is best done at the beginning of the page, to then gather around the text fragments. Thus, you have gradually matured a plan which, incidentally, is also better not to be verified, that is, not to worry – this is any aspect or Chapter in your work, or unnecessary. Fill everything! So, the texts that you gradually bring in some uniformity, help you to determine the plan, and the plan in turn, begins to regulate your future transactions with the text. Very convenient, because it turns out that the essay, course or diploma are written by themselves, with not very pronounced. The available material itself by structuring your work and organizing flows in the right direction.

In the course of action you can also create a separate document that you will add the necessary references to the literature, collect the list of used literature. It is very convenient for several reasons: on the one hand, you’ll not need to remember where and whom you have quoted, on the other in the course of the play creates another important element of the work, which carefully watch the teachers and the third – always make a list for a simple operation, which is “copy/paste”. That is, in the right places you add references, and it will happen quickly and easily.

During manipulation of text fragments are fairly easy to turn text or in a quote or in your own thoughts. Actual quotes can be immediately marked (set a reference to the author). A long quote is “cut”, that is, a quotation of any length you forcibly tear quotes in any desired location where the end quote mark by reference to the source, and the remaining fragment in this case is your own thoughts. For the ultimate confidence in his own infallibility can be changed in the paragraph a couple of words to make complex sentences simple.

All further work is cleaning the text, giving it uniformity and simplicity of presentation. Part of the material will certainly disappear, as it will fall out of the context of your plan. Part of the materials will have to be slightly reformulated to include logical transitions linking sentence. At the end of this important business can write “Introduction”, “Introduction”: why you wrote it, what goals pursued, what is the relevance of this scientific work.

I must say that this project is similar to the following: three years or so, it will be stored in the archives of the University, and then end up in the trash or just trash. So it is not necessary to portray something special and to claim the fundamental, which will make a revolution in scientific thought. Pages of text about how everything is terribly important and extremely important, it will be enough.

It seems to be ready. Remained Polish. Detergent do not use. There are all sorts of headers and footers, citations, page numbering, margins, indentations, etc., without which the scientific work absolutely can not be scientific. I am afraid that the proof of Fermat’s theorem,written on a piece of paper, or on the margins of a book, no one would have to consider did not. The indentation is incorrect, references to the original sources there. Bibliography is not given. Numbering is missing. No scientific value, in short.

Last but not least to arrange the cover sheet, where black and white is written as the hero of this remarkable scientific work, and some attributes that are inherent in it. In which University student, in what year and the city wrote it, what year student. If you ever assembled a puzzle, of course, you’ll discover just how similar these classes are: collection puzzle and writing term papers and essays on high-speed method.


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